Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ode to the smartphone. Confucius says: "A lion chased me up a tree and I enjoyed the view from the top.”

I carry with me a world atlas and street directory, a journal and calender for the rest of time, a camera and a collection of photos, a letter writing service with automatic delivery, a telephone service where I can talk to anyone in the world face to face, a recording device, a calculator, all the radio stories I could want to hear, an alarm clock, a complete english dictionary, a chinese english translator and a collection of music...and this is just in my pocket. I can't imagine what travelling would have been like 30 years ago...a lot heavier I suppose.

I could write a complete list of the things I'm taking with me, but it would be quite comprehensive. Aside from my smart phone, I'm carrying about 20kg of luggage on my bike. This includes a tent (bought in Hong Kong for AUD $80), a stove, gas and saucepan set (bought in Hong Kong for $40), sleeping bag, sleeping mat, a DSLR and two lenses, a kobo eReader and a couple of spare pants and tshirts, a jacket, too many underpants and a whole bunch of repair gear that I probably *hopefully) won't need. I also carry about 5 litres of water and a few kilos of food on me for when I'm on the road.

Here are a few photos of my bike as I'm setting it up in hong Kong airport. And my bike fully loaded when I reached Gaoming in China.

Getting my bike out of the box in Hong Kong airport

Ready to start riding in Gaoming, China

Setting up in Hong Kong airport

On the ferry to Hong Kong from Gaoming

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